110 Employee Pharmacy Distribution company

We thoroughly trust the advice we get from CPI-HR. Not only have we saved a lot over the years with their creative financing recommendations but the service team is extremely responsive and has met all of our HR Department. The way they interact with our employees is wonderful and has really helped them be better educated consumers of health care.

240 Employee Medical Distribution Company

“Prior to going with CPI-HR we thought we were compliant but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Their Smart Compliance product has assured us that if we are audited we will pass with flying colors. What peace of mind!”

650 Employee Packaging Company

CPI-HR has such a unique platform of services and with their relationship with Alera, we now have even more dedicated resources to help our growing organization.

45 Employee Sheet Metal Company

Split Funding has been a god-send to our organization. The savings has been so significant and our employees understand and appreciate our medical insurance plan at such a higher level

120 Employee Manufacturing Company

CPI-HR’s unique Split Funded program has saved us over $1.2 Million dollars over the past 6 years and given many of our employees a better plan!