COBRA Administration

Can you afford the risks of COBRA non-compliance?

What is considered a qualifying event?

Is it mandatory to offer COBRA to dependents?

How long does COBRA last?

Smart COBRA can help!

COBRA Administration can be extremely time-consuming, complex, and if administered incorrectly can cost your company upwards of $100,000 in administrative costs and penalties!

CPI-HR’s Smart COBRA makes the administration of COBRA as efficient and cost-effective as possible while relieving your staff of time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on strategic activities that can help grow your business.

Smart COBRA Improves Efficiency & Lowers Costs

Working closely with your HR department, Smart COBRA manages the following services:

  • Online portal for you to notify CPI-HR of COBRA-eligible employees and COBRA qualifying events
  • Required notifications to qualified beneficiaries
  • Billing and collection services
  • Maintenance of account activity and records history
  • Reporting of activity and status to keep you updated on the actions of your account and participants
  • Providing customer support services to participants through our call center
  • Dedicated Account Management to provide employers with support

CPI-HR’s Smart COBRA Administration service also includes 24/7 online access for you and your continuants as well as an Account Management team during normal business hours to manage your needs.

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