ACA Administrative and Financial Consultation Services

Confused about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? With potential repeals, changes and constant debates it is a challenge for employers to keep compliant. ACA is the law and the IRS will continue to enforce with audits and penalties. Non-compliance per employee, per day penalty, is $260. This is for each required form 1095 & 1094. The annual maximum penalty is $3,000,000. CPI-HR provides a comprehensive ACA strategic plan, which complies with the law and matches the employer’s needs. Our integrated technology uses data from payroll & benefits carriers to track employee hours and produce IRS required forms 1095 & 1094. CPI-HR will take the guesswork out of ACA compliance. We keep our clients up to date on the latest regulations and complaint as the requirements evolve.

We offer hands-on full ACA administrative and financial consultation services, using a web-based ACA solution, which includes:

  • Implement plan compliance & policies
  • Monitor ongoing salary, ongoing hourly, and all variable hour activity
  • Track with monthly reports to prepare for Annual IRS reporting and audits
  • Compile information for IRS reporting
  • Produce IRS form 1095s for applicable employees
  • Electronically file IRS form 1094

Compliance Review

  • ­ Review current plans for administrative compliance
  • ­ Analysis of current plans and employee offerings
  • ­ Conduct staff training and ACA education, as needed
  • ­ Provide you a report on responsibility and requirements
  • ­ Conduct analysis of potential penalties for noncompliance and cost associated with the penalties
  • ­ Complete analysis and provide recommendations for measurement periods, administrative and stability periods
  • ­ Provide compatible database with your financial system for reporting purposes
  • ­ Revise compliance procedures as ACA changes

Education and ACA policies and procedures for policies

  • Educate on ACA legislation, requirements and procedures
  • Draft ACA required policies
  • Update policies as legislation changes
  • Create a recommended action plan for ACA policy compliance
  • Ongoing support for questions and concerns

Develop ACA Plan & Timeline

  • Recommend strategies for addressing eligibility of variable hour employees (e.g. seasonal, per diem, long term substitutes and coaches)
  • Prepare policies and procedures, and forms consistent with the requirements of Affordable Care Act
  • Determine affordability and minimum value of current health plans
  • Model financial exposure associated with non-compliance with any Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Identify potential cost savings associated with offering alternative health insurance plans
  • Provide support and training for implementation and administration
  • Provide employer mandated notices and action plans for delivery
  • Provide ACA updates and conduct education meetings as needed
  • Work with you to assign hours to all stipend employees
  • Identify employees ACA status category
  • Review and assign IRS appropriate safe harbor for District employees

Tracking & Reporting

  • Using electronic, web-based ACA software platform designed to comply with federal mandates.
  • Advise employers concerning policy on standard measurement, administration and stability periods
  • Consult concerning regulatory tracking and filing requirements for ACA
  • Track variable employee benefits eligibility using tracking system and payroll information provided by employer
  • Software can easily access historical data and generate reports to meet external audit requirements
  • Ensure continuous compliance as federal changes are introduced
  • Track eligibility and affordability issues associated with multiple measurement, stability, and administrative periods across complex employee demographics
  • Track employee health waivers
  • This software will produce timely and accurate forms for IRS 1095s and electronic filing of 1094

Estimate Cadillac excise tax

  • Forecast employers’ liability based on current plans, enrollment and past plan performance
  • Using Cadillac Tax Calculator, we will provide a cost analysis with financial impact projections