Split Funding has been a successful alternative for many clients seeking a health care plan with benefits similar to a fully insured plan but at a much lower cost!

Utilizing an HRA allows you to set aside a specified pool of non-taxable dollars to reimburse employees for defined amounts of medical expenses that they, or their families, incur during the year, before their deductibles have been satisfied. CPI-HR has implemented hundreds of complex Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) since 2001, making us one of the most prominent agencies and administrators in our market servicing Consumer Driven Health Plans.

The CPI-HR proprietary system has two major advantages:

  1. We provide detailed claims experience for companies of any size – critical information for employers to make ongoing decisions regarding the financing of their plans.
    Our multi-faceted approach to education, paired with this inovtive split funding solution, increases consumerism in our client population by engaging employees at a deeper level with the fundamental cost of care. In addition we use recent transparency technology tools to help develop employees into “smarter consumers” of healthcare.
  2. Read one of our case studies on how CPI-HR’s innovative Split Funding approach to HRA Administration has saved our clients on average 23% in total health care costs from equivalent fully insured plans.

CPI-HR’s Split Funding of employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangements offers:

  • Multiple benefit options
  • Multiple benefit designs (medical, dental, vision, wellness, etc.) with different deductibles
  • Co-insurance rates and co-pays for each benefit option
  • Roll-overs all customizable by plan

The Split Funding model can work for employers of any size and can be utilized as a stand-alone benefit or in conjunction with our products through our seamless debit card integration and management.

Learn more about CPI-HR’s unique process of Health Reimbursement Arrangements called Split Funding.