Human Capital. Simply Managed.

You probably know human resource systems by one of their many names: Payroll, HRIS, HRM, HRMS, HCM, etc. The bottom line is that you need a reliable database system to provide a centralized location for all your workforce and HR management needs. Depending on your HCM needs, CPI-HR has the ability to consult independently with you to find the best products in the market. We also have partnerships with award-winning, best-in-class technologies that we can provide as great solutions for your HCM needs. CPI-HR’s industry-leading solutions are a comprehensive answer designed to help you focus on what matters: your people and your strategic business initiatives. We focus on many HCM needs, including:

  • Front to back integration which gives your HR team the tools they need to succeed – Redefine how you attract and acquire new talent for your company. With this streamlined process, all of the applicant’s information is entered once and is carried throughout the HR lifecycle. Enjoy an entirely paperless onboarding process.
  • Track company time & labor anytime, anywhere – Easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. You can gain insight into workforce productivity trends, delivering the information you need to make smart decisions, and access time wherever you are through the cloud, Web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Remove “sticky notes” & to-do lists – Most of the employers we work with come to CPI-HR with “to-do lists” for new hires and terminations. Our goal is to take as much off of those to-do lists as we can, streamlining processes and improving efficiencies.
  • Carrier integration/connectivity – CPI-HR prides itself on having efficient, integrative options with almost all carriers in the country. Employers can benefit from this network and capability making sure data is securely moved from our system of record to the carriers each customer chooses.
  • Payroll & Tax Management – Working with a user-friendly payroll solution can offer you complete access to tax filing and reporting, which will help you effectively manage your workforce.