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Employee Benefits

When you work with CPI-HR, you are tapping into unparalleled expertise from a team that works hard to understand your culture and your needs—bringing you effective and creative solutions. ...Find out more »

HR & Compliance Services

Your ability to find and hire talented people is crucial to your organization’s success. CPI-HR can take care of all the details for you, allowing you time to concentrate on what you do best....Find out more »

Benefits Administration

CPI-HR provides a wide variety of benefits administration services that not only help save your company time, but also ensure that your company remains compliant with regulations that govern these benefits...Find out more »

Human Capital Management

You probably know human resource systems by one of their many names: Payroll, HRIS, HRM, HRMS, HCM, etc. The bottom line is that you need a reliable database system to provide a centralized location for all your workforce and HR management needs....Find out more »

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